NGO Tehnikaringlus collects and restores used technology and delivers it to those in need.

Our members and volunteers repair used technology and deliver it to children, big families, handicapped persons, people living in poverty, pensioners and others in need via social workers. We also offer computer repairing for a fee.

You can bring us:

  • Computers and their parts – both working  and not working
  • Mobile phones
  • Other infotechnology devices
  • Electronic musical instruments
  • Amplifiers and mixers
  • LCD TVs
  • LCD monitors

Please do not bring us CRT monitors and televisions, rather take them to recycling plants. Locations are found here:

We also arrange auctions and sell devices directly to cover our rent, electricity, spare parts and transport fees. Think Green. 

Computer repairing

Desktop computers and laptop both need regular cleaning, thermal paste renewal and elementary service to extend their life-span.

If you feel that your computer has become slow, then you should perform a computer check with anti-virus software. Sometimes technical condition check is also needed, that includes hard drive, motherboard and memory tests..

Prices for variable services:

Software maintenance 1 hour = 20€
Anti-virus check and virus removal 25€
Diagnostics 10€
Mounting New Details and supporting them with drivers – Desktop computers 15€. Laptop 25€
Cleaning computers – Desktop computers 10€ Laptop 20€
Thermal paste renewal – Desktop computer 15€ Laptop 25€

Copying data from one drive to another ( or to other devices) 15€
Drive cloning 20€
Data restoration (easy) 15€
Data restoration from a faulty or corrupted filesystem. (We do not guarantee that all files can be restored, because it depends on how badly the drive is damaged.) Price = Agreement

Operation System installation

Microsoft Windows installation with all driver updates. (No windows key included, neither is licence)  30€
Linux installation with updates  (distribution on your choice) 15€
Dual Boot 50€ (If more than 2 OP-systems then the price is chosen through a common agreement)

We accept all donations

If you want to visit us, then you should call in advance.
+3725854 8313 – Kadri Varjak